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Now That I Have Your Attention

by Seconds Before Landing

Released 2017
Released 2017
Seconds Before Landing, is the new sound of Progressive rock !

Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this 3rd album, once again features Crispino, along with lead guitarist Eric Maldonado, as well as his core group of musicians and singers.
This is the 3rd album, released by Seconds Before Landing, and it is perhaps, the most powerful and diverse thus far.

Release June 21st, 2017, this album is already garnering wonderful reviews/response from around the globe.

Crispino once again surrounds himself with his core group of musicians, and as was on album 2, he has his friend, and special guest, John Palumbo, from progressive rock band Crack The Sky, appear again.

Also on this new album, is Crispinos most recent find, lead guitarist Eric Maldonado, who brings an entirely different dimension to the songs he plays on.

Maldonado, along with Steve Schuffert, Bassist, J.D. Garrison, Rhythm Guitarist, Rick Witkowski, Piano and Keys, Jamie Peck, and female singers, Vanessa Campagna, and Carrie Jackson, round out this fantastic ensemble of musicians.

All Seconds Before Landing music, is mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee, and Pink Floyd/David Gilmour engineer, Andy Jackson.

All videos are produced by CMProductions.

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