Seconds Before Landing

Seconds Before Landing is the brainchild of musician John Crispino.

In the year 2010, Crispino began writing music for a progressive rock concept album, that was finished and released to critical acclaim in 2012.

That album was titled “The Great Deception”, and it produced not only a hit song, but also a video that has been viewed by hundreds of thousands worldwide, with excerpts being used by news organizations from around the world.

That track is titled “Welcome, To The Future”, and features King Crimsons’ Trey Gunn.  

Also appearing on that album, was legendary bass player, Tim Bogert from Jeff Beck fame.


Then, on November 23, 2014, Crispino released the appropriately titled 2nd album, Seconds Before Landing 2.

Once again he surrounded himself with some of the finest musicians on the planet, including Gunn, and also guest, John Palumbo from progressive rock group Crack The Sky.... .

Also appearing again, were his core group of musicians, J.D Garrison on bass, Steve Schuffert on lead guitar, Maurice Witkowski on acoustic guitar, and Jamie Peck on piano and horns ___ along, with Vanessa Campagna & Carrie Marie Jackson on backing vocals.

Although different musically from the first album, both critics and fans responded favorably.

And now, on June 21st, 2017, Crispino and Seconds Before Landing, released album 3, titled, "Now That I Have Your Attention".

This time, Crispino has added guitarist, Eric Maldonado to the mix, and the results are amazing.  With the one, two punch of Maldonado and Schuffert, along with Witkowski, Peck, Garrison, and the girls on backgrounds, this album is S.B.L.'s most powerful and diverse yet.

Early reviews have shown the critics agree.

As always, Seconds Before Landing music, is mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee, and Pink Floyd/David Gilmour engineer, Andy Jackson.

For more info on Seconds Before Landing, fans can visit the website, at, and also connect with the band on both Facebook  as well as on Twitter, at