The New Album Is Finished. 

I am happy to announce to all of you who follow Seconds Before Landing here, that the new album is finished. The album will be played "in its entirety" on Thanksgiving evening on our own SBL Radio Station. The album will first air at 9 p.m. eastern standard time, and then again, at midnight. We are planning on having the album air in different countries at the appropriate times as well. We will announce those times asap.


As most of you know, the new album is titled "Cosmonaut", and it tells the story of…

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The Title For The New Album Will Be Cosmonaut. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and are experiencing a good new year so far. Outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I have been working daily on the music for the next album, which is going to be called Cosmonaut. It is a concept album, based on the lives, and friendship of 2 specific men, Yuri Gagarin, and Alexi Komarov. To say these 2 men were courageous, would be an understatement. When I read their story, I knew they were people I wanted to learn more about, and eventually write about.

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Trio Volume 1 is finished and released. 

On July 27th, 2018, we released our first EP, titled "Trio Volume 1".    As always, the music was mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee, and Pink Floyd engineer, Andy Jackson.

I continue to use my core group of musicians, which include, Steve Schuffert and Eric Maldonado on lead guitars. Rick Witkowski, on rhythm and acoustic guitars. Jamie Peck on piano and horns. J.D. Garrison, and Guy Bar Tor on bass, and Vanessa Campagna on female voices.  I enjoy working with these fine musicians, and have been since the…

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