Trio Volume 1 is finished and released.

On July 27th, 2018, we released our first EP, titled "Trio Volume 1".    As always, the music was mastered by 2 time Grammy nominee, and Pink Floyd engineer, Andy Jackson.

I continue to use my core group of musicians, which include, Steve Schuffert and Eric Maldonado on lead guitars. Rick Witkowski, on rhythm and acoustic guitars. Jamie Peck on piano and horns. J.D. Garrison, and Guy Bar Tor on bass, and Vanessa Campagna on female voices.  I enjoy working with these fine musicians, and have been since the first album, The Great Deception.

The 3 songs on the EP, are quite different from one another, and that was the plan. 

The first song is titled "Maybe I'm A Weirdo".  The premise behind the song/video, is of a person, who just doesn't seem to "fit in" with the rest of the world. For a long time, it was a problem, but now, not only has he embraced his uniqueness, but almost flaunts it.  The message behind this song, is to "embrace" who you are. The oddities, the quirkiness, the whatever.

The next song, is called simply 1-9-2. while writing music for this EP, I learned of a man by the name of Janusz Korczak. Mr Korczak, ran an orphanage, and in 1942, German soldiers, came to remove the children, and take them to Treblinka for extermination. Korczak was given the opportunity to go free, but refused. He chose to accompany the children, for the long walk to the train station.

Once there, while the children were being loaded into the train car, a guard saw Korczak, and recognized him. He said, "I know you, you write the children books I read as a kid". "I will let you go free now"... "Simply walk away".  Korczak told him he could not leave his children.

He boarded the train with them, and were eventually all executed.   May God rest the soul of this brave man, and his children.

The last song on this EP, is called "You Won't Deny Me", and it deals with the controversial subject, of mental illness, guns, and school shootings.

When I wrote this songs lyrics, I wanted to tell a story, from the shooters perspective. How his perception is skewed, and how he thinks that by doing this, that for the first time in his life, he will be "famous".  In one lyric he proclaims, "Tonight at 6, Im famous" !  HE is actually relieved that for once, he feels recognized.

A special thank you to Vincent Musanti, for acting out my vocals, and to CMProductions for as always, doing the videos for Seconds Before Landing.  

Anyway, in closing, this new music, and all S.B.L. music is available everywhere. 

We thank you for the continued support you have shown us worldwide.  New music is always being worked on, and we will do our best to keep you informed here on this blog.   Till next time, John Crispino

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