The Title For The New Album Will Be Cosmonaut.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and are experiencing a good new year so far. Outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I have been working daily on the music for the next album, which is going to be called Cosmonaut. It is a concept album, based on the lives, and friendship of 2 specific men, Yuri Gagarin, and Alexi Komarov. To say these 2 men were courageous, would be an understatement. When I read their story, I knew they were people I wanted to learn more about, and eventually write about.

As of this writing, the music is about 80% completed. I am currently working on lyrics, and doing final mixes on some of the instrumental tracks completed.  I have been working with Andy Jackson from Pink Floyd again, on the mastering, and as usual, he has done a wonderful job for me.

My core group of musicians are still with me, and are playing better than ever.  I would like to mention one person in particular here. Her name is Vanessa Campagna, and she has appeared on all of my recordings thus far.  This time however, she is singing lead on a song titled "Oh, How I Miss You".  Its just her and I, on a simple track, expressing the grief, of one of the wives who have been left behind, after her husband dies.  A journalist who heard an advance of the song, called the song "Hauntingly Beautiful".  Vanessa did an amazing job capturing the angst, and I cannot wait for you all to hear it.

So, there is my first update for 2019.  I am hoping to have the album ready by late spring, or very early summer.

In closing, I want to Thank You all once again, for your continued support, and for making my last release "Trio Volume 1", the best selling music of S.B.L. to date.


Enjoy this new year. God Bless You All.  John Crispino.


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